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"He's a combination of Magician, 
modern day Sherlock Holmes and 
a Monte Carlo card cheat!"

Unique Entertainment
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 From Mindreading to...

Amazing Gambling Demonstrations

"If you've wanted to see how card cheats cheat, sit back and enjoy his remarkable sleight of hand"

​....to Close Up Magic
"Many people have never seen magic performed close up and personal,
now you can".
Welcome to the entertainment world of
 Mind Reader and Close-Up Magician
Gerry Hennessey

Get ready to experience a Fun-Interactive-
 Magical Mystery Tour of the Mind performance
that your guests will talk about for a very long time.

"In 40 years, I've never seen a more unique and enjoyable presentation. 
Amazing to say the least!"

Gary Crews, Real Estate Broker Owner


Gerry recently had the pleasure of being called in as technical advisor, card expert and "hand double" for the legendary actor Mark Hamill.
(The Flash, Star Wars) 
"Mark was one of the most charming actors with whom I've worked and a real pleasure 
to teach and entertain". 
Is what he does Extra Sensory Perception?
Extra Sensory Deception?

You decide