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Interested in learning more about how Gerry's unique entertainment can provide an unforgettable evening for your guests?
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Who is Gerry Hennessey?
 He is a Mentalist, Card Expert, Magician, Writer and Actor. 

In between acting roles and providing technical advice to movies on magic and "card sleight of hand"  Gerry entertains at private parties all over, providing a guaranteed fun evening of unique entertainment, by apparently,  reading minds, performing close up magic and demonstrating the "art of the card cheat".

Expect an evening of interactive magic and fun for your guests that will be talked about long after he leaves.

"I know I speak for the whole crew when I say that you, plus a deck of cards and a single overhead light is just a phenomenal visual. Fantastic!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jillian Tsai 
Director "Hero Call" movie
On the set of Artic Air TV Series, with the star Adam Beach
A short demonstration of card skill from the optional CardEffex part of the evening